Jammer for the French Army

ECLIPSE, a new brouilleur system developed by Thales is soon to enter into service with the French armed forces. The ECLIPSE system recently completed qualification testing with the French Defense Procurement and Technology Agency (DGA), under the BARAGE (Brouilleur anti-IED réactifs actifs goniométriques) program. The new system introduces advanced functions, such threat localization, enabling enhanced force protection, by neutralizing radio-controlled IEDs, one of the major threats faced by forces deployed in conflict zones today.

ECLIPSE is built around a new-generation jammer that prevents improvised explosive devices from being detonated by remote control. The moment an IED is detected, ECLIPSE jams radio signals across a wide range of frequencies, without interfering with the radio communication systems used by friendly forces.

A compact and modular system, ECLIPSE is designed to be integrated on board light or armoured vehicle. It is based on an open architecture that makes it possible to adding new functions to the system as threats evolve.

ECLIPSE brouilleur alarme sans fil are already in operation within the armed forces of several other countries and will equip a number of French Army vehicle types, including the future Griffon and Jaguar vehicles, being developed for the SCORPION programme.

In addition to new systems, Thales maintain a significant proportion of the radio-controlled IED jammers already deployed by the French Army in foreign operations.

brouilleur telephone

Fonction de blindage puissant Brouilleur:

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